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Should you pre-screen the best man’s wedding toast?

By April 22, 2024Toasting

The best man’s wedding toast is a staple at weddings around the world. We’ve heard a ton of them over the years. Most tend to be too long and rambling, but occasionally we hear a gem. But once in a while we’ll hear one that is simply inappropriate, like the one we found on YouTube above.

Yes, the best man gets the crowd laughing. But do you really want a toast at your affair singing the praises of marital infidelity, especially having just pronounced your vows of fidelity to your spouse?

This raises an interesting question: should you pre-screen your best man’s wedding toast?

Someone asked Miss Manners that question. And she properly asks back, “What makes you think the best man needs vetting?”

If you have concerns, you’ve probably got the wrong man for the job. Miss Manners goes on to say,

“But yes, the bridegroom can inquire, in the spirit of friendship, what his buddy is thinking of saying. He could even drop some remarks about the sensitivity of the crowd, and what topics should be avoided, however amusing.

But in the end, he has to trust that his best man will do his best to please him.”

Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to provide some guidelines to avoid an uncomfortable (or worse) situation. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Keep it clean
  • No references to previous marriages or boyfriends or girlfriends
  • Nothing embarrassing
  • No profanity
  • Nothing sacrilegious
  • Be respectful of the occasion and the couple
  • Keep it short.

As we’ve written before, the best toasts make your guests laugh and cry. Just don’t make them laugh at the expense of decorum. There’s no need.

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