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January 2020

stupid wedding planning mistakesWedding planning

Ten stupid wedding planning mistakes

True story: A guy was getting married out of state. His fiancé told him he had one responsibility: to get the marriage license. Get ready for stupid wedding planning mistakes #1. 1. Not knowing marriage license requirements This guy knew that the state in which he was getting married had…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 20, 2020
wedding gown budgetBudget

Don’t let your wedding gown budget get out of control

Get ready for 100 years of wedding fashions in one-hundred and eighty seconds! This video is really fun for future brides shopping for a wedding gown. As you watch, be aware that it’s easy for your wedding gown budget to get out of control: Here’s the deal when it…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 13, 2020
wedding triviaWedding Trivia

More wedding trivia for curious couples

Weddings are fascinating. Traditions and spending habits vary by culture, geography, and religion. We had tremendous feedback when we published a previous blog on wedding trivia, so we’re going to mine the rich trove of wedding trivia with even more wedding trivia for recently engaged couples. Answers appear at the…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 6, 2020