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May 2019

two essential wedding toast ingredientsToasting

The two essential wedding toast ingredients

People attend movies to laugh and cry. In a way, they look for some of the same things in a wedding toast, but in a couple of minutes instead of a couple of hours. So the two essential wedding toast ingredients? Sentiment and humor. Leave out either and your toast…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 27, 2019
wedding spendBudget

Who should pay for your wedding?

As you plan your wedding spend you need the answer to a key question: who is going to pay for your wedding? If it’s your deep-pocketed parents, your wedding spend may be higher than what you and your betrothed  could afford if you’re paying for it alone. On the other…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 20, 2019
wedding danceDance

The sheer joy of dancing

Have you ever thought about why people dance? Don’t you think dancing is all about joy? Sure, it’s good exercise. Sure, it is artistic. But dancing is much more. Dancing unites people in a joyful expression of celebratory exuberance, especially at weddings. That’s why most wedding celebrations build towards a…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 13, 2019
perfect first dance songDance

At last! A perfect first dance song for you

Everybody loves the song, “At Last.” Based on the number of times it is requested at weddings, it may be the perfect first dance song for you. We put together a list of the top ten perfect first dance songs a while back, and so did The Knot. We both…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 6, 2019