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June 2018

Marriage is good for your healthCultureWedding planning

Marriage is good for your health

We live to celebrate. No celebration is more special than a wedding.  Columbus Pro DJs knows, because we specialize in wedding entertainment. But did you also know marriage is good for your health? It’s true!  Another wonderful reason to celebrate weddings. Comedians who like to poke fun at their spouses…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 25, 2018
passionate spaghetti and meatball recipeRecipes

Here’s a passionate spaghetti and meatball recipe for newlyweds!

Italians know how to love life, beginning with their spaghetti and meatballs.  This blog commends their panache for living, and goes even further with this philosophy:  great food enhances marriage.  So here’s a passionate spaghetti and meatball recipe for Columbus newlyweds which will enhance your marriage! Italian cuisine offers endless…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 18, 2018
how to tie a tieCulturePhoto Booth

How to tie a tie It’s true: a lot of men can’t be bothered to dress up for weddings or funerals. I see guys in cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts at weddings and even their Aunt Mabel’s funeral! What gives? Maybe it’s because they simply don’t know how to tie a tie! Columbus Pro…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 11, 2018
celebrity weddingWedding planning

10 ugliest celebrity wedding dresses EVER! Would you like to have a celebrity wedding? Think twice about that. Just because celebrities have money doesn’t mean that they have any taste. As evidence, just watch the video above which showcases the 10 ugliest celebrity wedding dresses EVER! What a waste of money! The typical bride…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 4, 2018