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Pro DJ Package


If your reception is in a nice but smaller venue and you are expecting around 150 guests or less and have no need for a fancy light show, the Pro DJ Package is just what you’re looking for! You get 4 Hours of Performance Time from one of the most experienced DJs in Columbus –  Additional hours with this package are $100 .00

The DJ & Dance Lights Package


Looking for a BIG party atmosphere once dinner is over? Dazzling LED  lighting effects will create that mood. We’ll have your venue dim the house lights and we’ll fire ours up.  You get 4 Hours of Performance Time from one of the most experienced wedding DJs in Columbus. – Additional hours with this package are $150.00

The DJ & Big Sound Package


This package solves the problem of bad acoustics in the venue by spreading more sound around the room! And don’t worry Grandparents – during cocktails and dinner, having more speakers actually can actually equate to LOWER VOLUME. By extended the additional speakers included in this package strategically throughout your venue we can actually reach more ears with less volume! You get 4 Hours of Performance Time from one of the most experienced wedding DJs in town. –    Additional hours with this package are $150.00

The Dance Lights & Big Sound Experience


Combine the dazzling display of our Dance Lights  with the awesome sound of our Big Sound Package then, You get 4 Hours of Performance Time from one of the most experienced wedding DJs in Columbus  – Additional hours with this package are $150.00

Complete Wedding Day Experience


The Perfect Package for so many Columbus Wedding and reception venues because, you need a 2nd sound system for your outside ceremony to allow for Pre ceremony music,  Processional and Recessional music, and a microphone for your officiant’s words and your vows. You also get:

  • 6 Hours of Performance Time
  • Dance Light Action Lights
  • Room Accent Lighting
  • Ceremony Sound System

Complete Reception Experience


Our most exclusive package!!! This package has everything entertainment for a Columbus Wedding Reception.

  • 6 Hours Performance Time
  • Cocktail System
  • Dance Light Action Lights
  • Room Accent Lights
  • Your name in Lights
  • Double Sound
  • Video Display
  •  Photo Booth

Remember, all Packages include Pre Event Planning Consultations and 24/7 access to your private online planning forms, Set up time AND tear down time, your choice of music and your DJ acts as emcee and helps host your event activities.

To build you own package, start with:
The Pro DJ Package
and then add in any of the Options below.

Extra hours of performance time
$75.00 – $150.00

Columbus Pro DJ and Sound System

A four hour reception which includes set up time and tear down time and 4 hours of continuous performance time

4 Speaker Sound

To allow for more powerful sound or to spread more uniformed low volume sound around a big venue.

Ceremony System

Add sound for your outside (or separate room) ceremony. Set the right mood as your guests gather. Play your choice of processional music and provide a microphone your minister and your vows. This is a very compact sound system and includes it ALL! Our DJ will play the ceremony style music and control the sound.

Cocktail System

Add sound for your outside (or separate room) cocktail hour. Our Cocktail system will provide 1 hour of music and host and emcee any events while guests socialize and reminisce before dinner begins.

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 Action Dance Lights
$100 – $500

LED Lighting effects that flash, color change and move to the beat of the music – Creates energy and adds excitement to the dance floor.

Room Accent Lighting
$25 per fixture

Add “POPS” of color around your venue that needs a little something extra for decoration. We only use low power consumption LED light fixtures that produce great light accent and are safe to touch because they produce no heat!! You choose the color and we set them up.

Video Slide Show

Want to see your life flash before your eyes, but in a good way? Get us photos from your childhood through your dating days and we produce a “video slide show” best displayed for you during dinner or your Special Dances via Dual Video Screens.

Video Slide Show Equipment Rental

If you’ve produced the video, We’ll put them up on the monitor screens for you and play it at a time of your choosing at your reception!

Photo Booth FUN!

By now, you know what a Photo Booth brings to your event. This interactive crowd-pleaser gives you and your guests a unique keepsake of the fun they had at your party. .

Includes ALL of the following:

  • Free Set-up and take down
  • 4 Continuous hours of Photo Booth service
  • Unlimited pictures and reprints
  • Choice of traditional 2×6 strip or 4×6 collage customized with your colors and event date
  • Table O‘ Props for additional fun
  • Open Air or Closed booth style
  • Full time friendly technician