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Columbus Pro DJs - Since 1996

Where you come first

Creator of beautiful weddings & events

My name is Andy Hughes, owner and founder of Columbus Pro DJs.

I started my career in college by doing radio as , AJ Andrews, on a small radio station but that gave me the opening I needed. Then a few years later,  I worked for a large entertainment company that began to put profits ahead of people. I vowed that if I ever had my own company, I’d put the client first, and that is exactly what I’ve done since I founded this company more than two decades ago.

Most recommended DJs in Columbus

The ‘you first’ approach has worked! Today, we offer the most recommended DJs in Columbus. Our company has been built by a tsunami of referral business from satisfied customers, as you can see at the bottom of our home page.

As you get to know us through this website and a phone conversation, you’ll learn a couple of things quickly. First, we’re good. REALLY good, and what makes us so good is our team of top-notch DJs. These men and women are seasoned pros who always put you first. Watch them pack a dance floor!

The second thing you’ll learn is we’re affordable. In fact, we love price questions because our clients are always amazed at how much they get for the reasonable prices we offer.

I think they like the way we customize packages to fit your style and budget.

The bottom line with Columbus Pro DJs is that YOU always come first, and that matters! That’s why we’re the most recommended DJs in Columbus.

Give me a call right now without obligation with your questions, to share your dreams, and to check out our prices: 614-224-1945.

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There is more to our story...

The most recommended DJs in Columbus and Central Ohio

It’s not just our clients doing all the recommending.

Wedding vendors throughout the Columbus area recommend our DJs for weddings, private events, corporate parties, and school functions.

In fact, we are on the preferred vendor lists for dozens of banquet halls, photographers, caterers, florists, bakers, and more, because they love our experience.

All of Columbus Pro DJ’s team has at least four years of actual experience before we hire them. That doesn’t even count the experience they’ve gained in the field of communications, which includes:

– on-air radio time,
– public relations,
– television broadcasting,
– night clubs experience,
– and hospitality training.

If you value the recommendations of the top hospitality professionals in the area AND the enthusiastic endorsements of our previous clients, Columbus Pro DJs may be a good fit for you.

We love questions, so call the most recommended DJs in Columbus today: 614-224-1945.

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