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June 2019

Pachebel’s CanonCeremony

How Pachebel’s Canon became wedding magic

A lovely little piece of baroque music written more than three centuries ago was resurrected in a Robert Redford movie and somehow became wedding magic. Yes, Johann Pachebel’s repetitive little ditty known as Pachebel’s Canon is one of the most popular wedding ceremony entrance songs for brides. Robert Redford resurrected…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 24, 2019
popular wedding Bible versesCeremony

Popular wedding Bible verses for wedding ceremonies

Millennials are interesting. They by and large have similar beliefs on  heaven, hell, and miracles as previous generations. They pray. But they don’t attend church regularly, because they’re not all that comfortable with organized religion. Nonetheless, when it comes time for planning their wedding ceremonies, they are totally interested in…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 17, 2019
marriage proposal movie scenesProposals

Top 10 Marriage proposal movie scenes

Proposing marriage is an art. Should you do it on your knee? Should it be an intimate experience? Or is your romance one that lends itself to a grand, public proposal? Let’s take a look at how they do it in the movies. Here are the top ten marriage proposal…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 10, 2019
wedding etiquette mistakeWedding etiquette

Avoid this tacky wedding etiquette mistake

Don’t come across as a “gimme” person! Don’t put  your registry info on your wedding invitations. I know it’s so very tempting to discreetly list the URL for your registry at the bottom of your invitations. Don’t! It’s tacky. It’s a wedding etiquette mistake you don’t have to make, because…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 3, 2019