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November 2023

the problem with destination weddingsWedding planning

The problem with destination weddings What’s the problem with destination weddings? Listen to Larry David’s funny response in the video above. Larry won’t go to any wedding where you have to get on a plane. Let’s face it, a lot of people hate flying. And plane fares for a family get pricey fast. And…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 27, 2023
Wedding crasherCulture

How to be a wedding crasher It’s hard to believe the movie The Wedding Crashers came out nearly twenty years ago. Its humor still holds up. We will warn you that the movie gets raunchy at times. It’s not for everyone. And yet the entire premise is hysterical, making many wonder, is being a wedding…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 20, 2023
Bad wedding songsDance

Name a song you don’t play at a wedding

This blog focuses on great music for wedding ceremonies and receptions. However, we saw a very funny thread on X (formerly Twitter) that asked readers to name bad wedding songs. You’ll crack up at some of the songs readers came up with. Some bad wedding songs are obvious because of…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 13, 2023
Mozart wedding musicCeremony

Mozart wedding music

Even hardcore rap music fans have heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In a shockingly brief career, he wrote some of the most majestic music of all time. Even today, Mozart wedding music is requested for wedding ceremonies. 2nd greatest composer of all time? Classic FM ranks Mozart as the #2…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 6, 2023