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March 2021

wedding day traditionsDance

The top two wedding day traditions

While last year's pandemic upended our lives last year, one thing won’t change: people will keep getting married, and wedding day traditions will continue. As large scale weddings resume, two wedding day traditions will return to the forefront, according to a WeddingWire survey. Flower girls go all the way back…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 29, 2021
wedding one-upmanshipBudget

The simplest, most affordable way to avoid wedding one-upmanship

Don't let wedding one-upmanship bust your budget Wedding celebrations are beautiful. They’re all about love, except when you spend beyond your means. Sadly, it’s easy to overspend because of a human condition called ‘wedding one-upmanship.’ But there’s a cure. More on that in a second. You know how wedding one-upmanship…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 22, 2021
new era of marriageCulture

Marriage is about to get better

The year of the Coronavirus crisis will usher in a new era of marriage. If you’ve been contemplating marriage, this is the time to act. If you’re already engaged and have plans disrupted by this national lockdown, don’t give up the ship. This disruption will make your pending marriage better,…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 15, 2021
advantages of marriageCulture

Marriage is for everyone

The advantages of marriage are amazing. The public hasn’t caught on, though, according to this article in the Wall Street Journal: “Middle-class Americans are forsaking marriage amid financial insecurity, effectively making the institution more of a luxury good enjoyed by prosperous Americans.” According to the article, finances are the reason:…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 1, 2021