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cinema masterpieceEntertainment

Cinema masterpieces perfect for your grand entrance

Grand entrance music is such an American tradition. Last week we barely touched on some cinema masterpieces for your consideration for your grand entrance. Let’s look at some other great movie theme songs. Raiders of the Lost Ark John Williams wrote so many immediately identifiable movie themes, and his…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 25, 2022
first dance songsEntertainment

The Art of a Love Song

First dance songs are usually love songs. Love is the most powerful force on earth. It is the very lifeblood of a marriage, which is why a love song is such a good choice for your first dance. As a professional wedding DJ, I really appreciate the craftsmanship of good…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 22, 2018
DJ advantageEntertainment

Why 2 out of 3 brides prefer a DJ to a band The DJ advantage I’m like you:  I love music, and I love a good band. In fact, Columbus Pro DJs are friends with many top notch bands in the Columbus area.  Having said that, the Knot conducted a nationwide survey of some 18,000 brides and learned that 2 out…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 30, 2018
don't let a friend DJ your weddingEntertainment

How to ruin a friendship

Do you value your friendships? Whatever you do, don’t let a friend DJ your wedding. It’s a recipe for disaster, unless he or she is an experienced professional with at least 50 weddings under their belt. As regular readers of this blog know, entertainment makes the event. It is the…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 23, 2018