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August 2022

Post pandemic wedding triviaWedding Trivia

Post pandemic wedding trivia

Everyone loves some fun trivia. Our blogs are wedding and marriage related, so we thought it would be fun to take a look at some post pandemic wedding trivia. Answers are presented on the bottom half of this post. Post pandemic wedding trivia QUESTIONS   Let’s start with some Ohio…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 22, 2022
secular weddingsCeremony

Music for secular weddings

Secular weddings are becoming more popular. According to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), 22% of young adults are raised without religious influence in the home. Although religious elements were included in 60% of wedding ceremonies of Americans older than sixty-five, the number drops to just 36 percent for younger persons.…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 15, 2022
wedding plansWedding planning

You need three plans for your wedding

Columbus Pro DJs often writes about wedding planning in our blogs. If you’ve been following our blogs, you can see that you actually need not one, not two, but three wedding plans. Here’s the interesting thing about this: Three small wedding plans are actually easier for you to deal with…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 8, 2022
wedding planning todayWedding planning

How COVID changed wedding planning today

Covid isn’t the issue today that it was in 2020 when weddings were so impacted. Wedding planning today has been impacted in an entirely different way as couples make up for lost time.  There’s a wedding boom taking place that you need to plan for. Here are some tips: Plan…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 1, 2022