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How many invitations should you order?Budget

How many invitations should you order?

Invitations aren’t cheap. But they present you with the opportunity to announce the biggest event of your life with a nice blend of dignity and flair. So they’re a key cog in your wedding budget. But how many invitations should you order? If you scour the internet, you see the…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 15, 2023
Is a wedding worth the money?Budget

Is a wedding worth the money?

The average price of a wedding ranges from $17,216 in Alabama to $37,827 in Hawaii ($17,899 in Ohio). That’s a chunk of change! It raises the question: is a wedding worth the money? The answer is YES … and no Let’s face it, we live to celebrate. Celebrations define our…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 27, 2021
Budget apps for engaged couplesBudget

Budget apps for engaged couples

Money is a big deal for most engaged couples. Few have enough of it! As a result, typical wedding budgets are limited. And after the wedding, finances are the biggest source of friction in a marriage. Thanks to some pretty cool budget apps for engaged couples, you can take control…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 29, 2021
wedding entertainment budgetBudget

How to set your wedding entertainment budget

Budgeting is tricky. If you spend too much on one wedding service at the expense of another, your event will be out of balance. For example, if you provide a lavish meal, but no entertainment, everyone will be bored by the time they finish dessert. Your wedding entertainment budget needs…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 1, 2021
cheap weddingBudget

How to plan a cheap wedding without scrimping on quality

Weddings are expensive because they matter. They are your opportunity to witness your lifelong commitment to the love of your life. It is your community’s opportunity to come together in support and celebration of this commitment. So is a cheap wedding ever a good idea? Yes, if you define cheap…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 11, 2021
wedding one-upmanshipBudget

The simplest, most affordable way to avoid wedding one-upmanship

Don't let wedding one-upmanship bust your budget Wedding celebrations are beautiful. They’re all about love, except when you spend beyond your means. Sadly, it’s easy to overspend because of a human condition called ‘wedding one-upmanship.’ But there’s a cure. More on that in a second. You know how wedding one-upmanship…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 22, 2021
avoid wedding debtBudget

Avoid wedding debt

Pay for your Columbus wedding with cash and avoid wedding debt. That’s the message from Taylor Moore, finance and insurance writer for She points out that fighting over money is the number one cause of stress in marriages, so starting your wedding off in debt due to overspending on…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 1, 2021
hidden wedding costsBudget

Hidden wedding costs that will bust your budget

Most engaged Columbus couples create a wedding budget, which this blog highly recommends to avoid the stress that can occur when wedding bills come due. But beware the hidden wedding costs that can sneak into the equation and surprise you when you add up all of your expenses. License fees…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 21, 2020