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How to plan a cheap wedding without scrimping on quality

By October 11, 2021Budget

cheap weddingWeddings are expensive because they matter. They are your opportunity to witness your lifelong commitment to the love of your life. It is your community’s opportunity to come together in support and celebration of this commitment. So is a cheap wedding ever a good idea?

Yes, if you define cheap as affordable.

You should always live within your means. By the same token, you don’t want to shortchange your celebration either.

Let’s look at 10 quick ways to plan a ‘cheap wedding.’

  1. Reduce the size of your guest list. In this pandemic era, that’s easier than ever. A small guest list saves you on your catering bill and bar tab. Nationally, most couples spend between $1800 and $7000 on food and catering. A smaller guest list is your easiest path to affordability.
  2. Go with a buffet over a plated meal. Nationally, a plated meal goes for $40 per plate compared to $27 for a buffet.
  3. Use a wedding planner. They’ve cultivated relationships with top vendors and chefs and will match you with the one that best fits your budget.
  4. Select a DJ (like us) that specializes in weddings. You’ll save several thousand dollars over a band.
  5. Use balloons instead of fresh flowers.
  6. Go with tiny cupcakes over a 4-tiered wedding cake.
  7. Get married in the off season. Most people get married between April and October. You’ll likely save some money getting married between November and March.
  8. Get married on any day other than Saturday. Same reason as above.
  9. Limit alcohol offerings to beer and wine.
  10. Rent your wedding gown or buy a used one.

If your budget is modest, plan a cheap wedding. When you select Columbus Pro DJs as your DJ, your guests will be oblivious to the size of your budget because they’ll be overwhelmed by the fun. We’ve got it all. Great music. Lighting. Photo booth. Check our availability today. Call us, we love to talk! 614-224-1945.