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August 2021

elegant wedding first dance songDance

The elegant wedding first dance song

We meet the most interesting people entertaining at weddings. Most couples select a popular song from today or yesteryear for their first wedding dance song. Every now and then, we meet a couple that thinks outside the box and selects a piece of classical music, which really makes for an…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 30, 2021
How to give a wedding toast if you’re shyToasting

How to give a wedding toast if you’re shy

Public speaking is America’s biggest phobia, according to a survey on American Fears conducted by Chapman University. So how do you give a wedding toast if you’re shy? After all, one out of four of your neighbors are terrified of getting up before a crowd and talking. It’s not as…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 23, 2021
history of wedding vowsCeremony

The history of wedding vows The history of wedding vows for English speaking countries have origins in medieval times. You’ve most likely heard this vintage vow from the Anglican church: “I take you, to be by , to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 16, 2021
eloping is a mistakeCulture

Eloping is a mistake

Some Columbus couples want to avoid family dramas. Some want to save money. And some seek a more intimate experience. Yes, there may be circumstances when eloping makes sense. But for most couples, eloping is a mistake. Weddings are meant to be shared. It’s a public presentation of your marriage…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 9, 2021