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February 2018

customized wedding entertainmentCulture

“Love is patient.” Really?!

St. Paul’s much-quoted scripture passage is timeless: "Love is patient, love is kind..." On the other hand, if you ever saw the classic 1989 date flick, “When Harry Met Sally,” Harry (Billy Crystal) isn’t so patient, as expressed in the meme above. Can you blame him?  Love IS wonderful.  So is…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 26, 2018
wedding entertainment budgetBudget

How much to spend on wedding entertainment

Memorize this:  no price is a good price IF you aren't happy with your reception. Price is meaningless.  Dreams are everything when it comes to your wedding. If you cut corners on your wedding entertainment budget, you may pay a very big price. Okay, now let’s deal with reality.  I’m…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 12, 2018