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January 2024

wedding objectionCeremony

“Does anyone present object to this marriage?”

There’s an uncomfortable spot in a wedding ceremony when the officiant may say something like this: “Therefore, if anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Gulp. Everyone holds their breath to see if a wedding…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 29, 2024
not-so-big-weddingWedding planning

The not-so-big wedding

Twenty-five years ago, architect Sarah Susanka authored a fascinating book titled, “The Not So Big House.”  In many ways, her thinking is a natural complement to a post-pandemic trend, the ‘not-so-big wedding.’ Susanka points out that the 1980s sparked what she called the “‘starter castle’ complex, the notion that houses…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 22, 2024
Can't get enoughDance

Jennifer Lopez’s ode to weddings Weddings are a foundational element of our culture. Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez loves weddings so much she’s done it not once, not twice … but four times! Her new music video, “Can’t Get Enough,” (above) pokes fun at her marital history. Ms. Lopez’s first hubby was actor/producer, Ojani Noa, followed…
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January 15, 2024
novelty songDance

Ever thought of a novelty song for your wedding?

What the heck is a novelty song? They don’t make ‘em much anymore, and yet they were practically an industry in the 1950s and 1960s. There are some very funny ones that, if you have the courage, could delight your guests and create THE wedding experience everyone talks about for…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 8, 2024
how to ruin your weddingUncategorized

How to ruin your wedding day

Last year produced some crazy wedding stories, some of which we’ve previously recounted. Here’s one more from 2023 on how to ruin your wedding day. Reddit is a good source for these stories, especially the subreddit titled “Am I the A-hole?” So in one story, the bride insisted on the…
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January 1, 2024