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December 2021

Is a wedding worth the money?Budget

Is a wedding worth the money?

The average price of a wedding ranges from $17,216 in Alabama to $37,827 in Hawaii ($17,899 in Ohio). That’s a chunk of change! It raises the question: is a wedding worth the money? The answer is YES … and no Let’s face it, we live to celebrate. Celebrations define our…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 27, 2021
Somewhere love songDance

The “Somewhere” love song is back in the news

Rachel Zegler as Maria in West Side Story (2021) “Somewhere” is back in the news. And those of you contemplating your upcoming first wedding dance song should take notice. As you have probably heard, Steven Spielberg just directed a remake of the 1961 hit musical, West Side Story. The original…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 20, 2021
crazy wedding triviaWedding Trivia

A little crazy wedding trivia

The institution of marriage is endlessly fascinating. Many modern wedding customs have their roots in traditions established hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Lavish sums are spent to celebrate this most sacred of institutions. Here’s a little crazy wedding trivia to brighten your day, which we present in a question…
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December 13, 2021
Is air travel safe for honeymooners?Honeymoons

Is air travel safe for honeymooners? The pandemic of 2020 disrupted wedding and honeymoon plans for thousands of couples. Many wonder if air travel is safe in light of COVID-19? No one wants to to pick up the virus nor spread it. So is air travel safe for honeymooners? MIT Medical paints a rosy picture…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 6, 2021