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July 2019

fabulous cover songDance

Fabulous cover songs that blew away the original

Last week’s blogpost talked about a bad cover song that ruined the first dance for a bride. Sometimes, though, a great artist builds on the legacy of the original version of a song and surpasses it with a fabulous cover song of his or her own. As wedding DJs, Columbus…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 22, 2019
bad cover songDance

The day Julie’s wedding reception was ruined

Never had a Columbus bride anticipated her first dance more than Julie (I changed the name to protect the innocent). She and her fiancée, 'Wally', had diligently, even feverishly, worked on their dance technique to pull off the perfect first dance. And then it all fell apart, leaving them victims…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 15, 2019
As time goes byDance

Who sang it best?

Don’t you love the songs written by Herman Hupfeld? Wait … what?! Who the heck is he? He’s simply the guy who wrote one of the most beloved songs in American music history, “As Time Goes By.” This blog ranks it as the #1 first dance song ever, and The…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 8, 2019
millennial marriage proposalCulture

Millennial marriage proposal

Poor Millennials. They seem to be the butt of a lot of jokes these days. Our guess is that the older generations are just jealous. On the other, hand the culture and technology have changed enough that the Millennial marriage proposal in the video below has just enough plausibility to…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 1, 2019