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March 2018

babies at weddingsWedding planning

The definitive guide to babies at weddings

Get ready for controversy: babies at weddings. Your friendships are about to be tested.  If you’re prepared, you can minimize the damage. I refer, of course, to that timeless issue of whether or not to let your friends bring their babies to your Columbus wedding. You face two scenarios when…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 26, 2018
packed dance floorsDanceLighting

How much interaction do you want?

What single factor will determine the success of your Columbus wedding? Packed dance floors. If you’re like the typical bridal couple, success is defined by the dance floor.  If it is empty, the wedding is considered a failure, but if it is packed, it is considered a success. According to…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 19, 2018
ugly bridesmaid dressesGowns

Ugly, ugly bridesmaid dresses in movies and TV

How many women groan when asked to be a bridesmaid? Their minds go something like this: “I know she’s going to make me wear an ugly bridesmaid dress that costs me a fortune.  How can I possibly get out of this?  Please, God, do something!  I need help!” In order…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 12, 2018
top ten songs for your first danceDance

Top ten classic songs for your first dance

Two singular moments define your Columbus wedding day:  your vows and your first dance. Here's our top ten songs for your first dance. Your first dance is a magical moment in your life.  You’ll never forget it.  The song you select for us to play should be personal, meaningful, and…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 5, 2018