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December 2020

best Adele love songsDance

Best Adele love songs for weddings

Adele burst onto the music scene in 2009 and has never looked back. The 2009 Grammy Awards named her best new artist and best female pop vocal performance. Although she’s known for writing compelling break-up ballads, she knows her way around a love song, too. Let’s take a look at…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 28, 2020
hidden wedding costsBudget

Hidden wedding costs that will bust your budget

Most engaged Columbus couples create a wedding budget, which this blog highly recommends to avoid the stress that can occur when wedding bills come due. But beware the hidden wedding costs that can sneak into the equation and surprise you when you add up all of your expenses. License fees…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 21, 2020
Broadway love songDance

More Broadway love songs for your first dance

Broadway has produced a plethora of passionate love songs over the decades. But you’ve got to carefully review the lyrics, because not every Broadway love song works for your first dance. For example, the epic “If I Loved You” from Carousel is an endearing love song with a melody that…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 14, 2020
best Broadway songsDance

Best Broadway songs for your first dance

This blog loves to write about the great songs you can consider for your first dance. There are so many options. We’ve written about contemporary and classic songs couples request for their first dance. Today’s blog considers some of the best Broadway songs for your wedding reception first dance. In…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 7, 2020