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May 2022

weddings return to normalWedding planning

Weddings return to normal

The COVID pandemic of 2020 disrupted wedding plans from coast-to-coast. The Knot’s 2021 Real Weddings Study revealed that weddings were returning to normal. According to The Knot: “… less than 5% of couples in 2021 had to push their reception to 2022 or beyond and only 1% canceled their reception…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 30, 2022
whimsical wedding toastToasting

How to give to give a whimsical wedding toast

How many wedding toasts have you heard? I promise, you haven’t heard as many as us. We’ve heard thousands! We’ve observed that wedding guests love a whimsical wedding toast. So, if you’ve been honored to give a wedding toast in an upcoming wedding, how can you inject some wit and…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 23, 2022
venue locationWedding planning

Your venue location matters

Don’t let emotion overtake practical thinking as you consider where to host your wedding reception. Let’s face it, location matters to your guests. Consider these questions: Do you have many people traveling to town for your wedding? If yes, they’ll appreciate a venue location close to local hotel accommodations, and…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 16, 2022
wedding logisticsWedding planning

Practical wedding logistics

Weddings have timelines, which we’ve written about before. A timeline is a schedule. But wedding schedules involve even more. They involve logistics, which is all about coordination. Here are a few wedding logistics considerations to keep in mind. Where will you get dressed? Does the ceremony location have a suitable…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 9, 2022
witty wedding toastToasting

How to give a witty wedding toast

How do you give a witty wedding toast? It’s easy: borrow from the masters. Search engines make it very easy to mine a treasure trove of wedding witticisms. Some reading this are naturally witty and don’t need to read further. However, most of us future wedding toasters could use a…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 2, 2022