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October 2019

wedding flowers controversyBudget

Wedding flowers controversy 

22% of recently married couples said they overspent on flowers Even the Wall Street Journal got involved in the wedding flowers controversy. A man wrote in to their advice columnist with this question: “I’m planning my wedding, and my fiancée and I disagree about one major topic—the flowers. All of…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 28, 2019
mother/son wedding dance songsDance

Best mother/son wedding dance songs

Last week’s blogpost looked at some of the best father/daughter wedding dance songs.  This week, let’s consider some of the best mother/son wedding dance songs. A good place to start is Carole King’s “Child of Mine” from her iconic 1970s Tapestry album: The lyrics are tender because they come…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 21, 2019
father/daughter wedding dance songsDance

Best father/daughter wedding dance songs

  At a recent wedding, a father told me how hard it was to find good father/daughter wedding dance songs.  He finally settled on a super popular wedding song, “What a Wonderful World.” Now this dad was very skittish about his dancing ability. He didn’t want to look like a…
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October 14, 2019
best Elvis wedding songsDance

Best Elvis wedding songs

The King of Rock and Roll has been gone for more than four decades, but his music lives forever.  Millennials don’t put Elvis Presley on the same pedestal as earlier generations, so it’s worth a blogpost talking about the best Elvis wedding songs, because there are some good ones. How…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 7, 2019