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November 2020

unity candleCeremony

Music for your unity candle ceremony

The unity candle ceremony is a late 20th century American innovation. Following the exchange of vows and rings, the bride and groom light a larger, “unity,” candle with two smaller tapers, symbolizing the unity of two lives and two families. Some trace the origin of the tradition to an early…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 30, 2020
marriage makes you richerCulture

Marriage is a good investment

Marriage makes you richer. No matter where you live, government data shows marriage is a good financial move. The Journal of Sociology explains: What impact do marriage and divorce have on wealth? US data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY79), which tracks individuals in their 20s, 30s and…
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November 24, 2020
movie wedding toastsToasting

Make ‘em cry and you’ve given a great wedding toast! The best Columbus wedding toasts make your audience laugh and cry. Here’s the rub: it’s harder to make people laugh than cry. Not everything is funny. So Owen Wilson’s advice to Rachel McAdams in "The Wedding Crashers" (above) is spot-on: speak from the heart, make e’m cry, and your…
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November 16, 2020
Stevie Wonder’s classic first dance songDance

Stevie Wonder’s classic first dance song

Stevie Wonder released his best-selling album, “Songs in the Key of Life,” in 1976. He jammed 21 songs into the album which explored a wide variety of musical genres. One track from the album, “As,” is a popular wedding song, having appeared on The Knot's list of popular classic first…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 9, 2020