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wedding toast master classToasting

A master class in giving a wedding toast Rarely, VERY rarely, do we run across an impeccable best man toast. But we stumbled across this one on YouTube (above), and it’s worth a closer look, as this gentlemen delivers a wedding toast master class. As we’ve written before, the best wedding toast should make your guests laugh…
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May 6, 2024
best man's wedding toastToasting

Should you pre-screen the best man’s wedding toast? The best man’s wedding toast is a staple at weddings around the world. We’ve heard a ton of them over the years. Most tend to be too long and rambling, but occasionally we hear a gem. But once in a while we'll hear one that is simply inappropriate, like…
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April 22, 2024
celebrity wedding toastToasting

What you can learn from a celebrity wedding toast

The movies provide a font of material for future wedding toasters. Movie toasts are often cheesy, but occasionally brilliant. When you watch a celebrity wedding toast on the silver screen, pay attention to how the toast is delivered.  A great delivery helps overcome cheesy content. But when you couple great…
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October 23, 2023
wedding toast expertsToasting

Wedding toast experts reveal wedding toast secrets

Is there a single secret to giving a memorable wedding toast? Not really. In fact, wedding toast experts Marissa Polansky and Kristine Keller lay out six steps to knocking it out of the park when your opportunity to make a wedding toast comes along. They are founders of Speech Tank,…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 21, 2023
Shakespeare wedding quoteToasting

Dazzle with a Shakespeare wedding toast

Most wedding toasts meander endlessly, boring your wedding guests. Many lack structure and a sufficient dose of sentiment. That’s why we blog regularly on ways for you to give a great wedding toast. Here’s another way: turn to the bard with a Shakespeare wedding toast. Is there anyone who ever…
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October 17, 2022
whimsical wedding toastToasting

How to give to give a whimsical wedding toast

How many wedding toasts have you heard? I promise, you haven’t heard as many as us. We’ve heard thousands! We’ve observed that wedding guests love a whimsical wedding toast. So, if you’ve been honored to give a wedding toast in an upcoming wedding, how can you inject some wit and…
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May 23, 2022
witty wedding toastToasting

How to give a witty wedding toast

How do you give a witty wedding toast? It’s easy: borrow from the masters. Search engines make it very easy to mine a treasure trove of wedding witticisms. Some reading this are naturally witty and don’t need to read further. However, most of us future wedding toasters could use a…
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May 2, 2022
father-of-the-bride toastToasting

How to write a father-of-the-bride toast The father-of-the-bride toast has become a big deal. It rivals the best man’s toast in importance, and has the emotional potential to steal the show. It depends on what you say, and how you say it. In the video tutorial above, professional speech writer, Lawrence Bernstein, spells out the…
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February 7, 2022
wedding toasting protocolToasting

Wedding toasting protocol

Who should make a toast for wedding events? When? How long? These are common wedding toasting protocol questions every couple has. Here are quick answers. When should wedding toasts be made? Engagement Parties Rehearsal Dinners Wedding Receptions Who should make the wedding toast? Father of the bride at engagement parties.…
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January 24, 2022