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July 2022

cinema masterpieceEntertainment

Cinema masterpieces perfect for your grand entrance

Grand entrance music is such an American tradition. Last week we barely touched on some cinema masterpieces for your consideration for your grand entrance. Let’s look at some other great movie theme songs. Raiders of the Lost Ark John Williams wrote so many immediately identifiable movie themes, and his…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 25, 2022
history of wedding vowsCulture

How American weddings differ from Brit weddings

Brit weddings feature standard wedding vows America and Great Britain share a common heritage. Even in the music, as we pointed out in last week’s blogpost. Despite so many similarities in the cultures, there are some pretty big difference between American weddings and Brit weddings. Let’s look at differences in…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 11, 2022
top 3 Brit dance songsDance

The Brit’s top wedding dance songs

British couples aren’t that much different from Columbus couples. A survey on the other side of the pond revealed that the Brit’s top 3 wedding dance songs are: 1. Can’t Help Falling in Love sung by Elvis Presley Columbus Pro DJs can’t dispute this choice. After all, we’ve written about…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 4, 2022