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September 2021

ugly wedding dressGowns

How to buy an ugly wedding dress

What an odd idea! Why would anyone want to buy an ugly wedding dress for their Columbus wedding celebration? Obviously, they wouldn’t, and yet many brides do. Why? Because they are misled into following the lead of their favorite celebrities. Some brides let a celebrity’s status sway them more than…
Columbus Pro DJs
September 27, 2021
wedding registry adviceWedding planning

Wedding registry advice

Wedding registries are a marvelous invention, a win-win for couples and their guests. Couples need things setting up a household. Guests want to provide meaningful gifts without duplication. Here is some practical wedding registry advice to optimize your experience. Set up your registry immediately upon becoming engaged. You may have…
Columbus Pro DJs
September 20, 2021
worst song in historyDance

The worst song in history

Music is subjective. What you like, your sister or brother or even fiancé may not like. That’s why Columbus Pro DJs offers such a shocking array of the best wedding reception music around. We have music for everyone, regardless of age or musical tastes. It’s kind of fun, though, to…
Columbus Pro DJs
September 6, 2021