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December 2019

celebrity wedding crasherCulture

The celebrity wedding crasher epidemic continues!

Will it never end! The celebrity wedding crasher epidemic has reached a fevered pitch. Former presidents, country singers, actors, and comedians continue to barge into the wedding celebrations of unsuspecting couples. Will you be next? Tim McGraw seems like a nice, sensible country western singer. And yet watch how he…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 30, 2019
marriage reduces stressCulture

Marriage reduces stress

Americans are stressed, according to the American Psychological Association. The good news is that marriage reduces stress by helping us cope better in tense situations. This is interesting stuff. Researchers in the Comparative Human Development department at the University of Chicago conducted a study on stress. Researchers tasked graduate students…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 16, 2019
box stepDance

Read this only if you have two left feet

There are two types of people in the world: those with natural rhythm, and those without. Those without sometimes THINK they are God’s gift to the dance floor when they … are … NOT. They desperately need the box step. Actor Kevin James unwittingly displays the pitfalls of “free form”…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 9, 2019
inappropriate wedding songsDance

Inappropriate wedding songs

This blog loves to write about special songs for your wedding day. There are so many of them out there! Today let’s look at some inappropriate wedding songs that aren’t really suitable for your wedding day. "Make You Feel My Love" Inappropriate wedding songs are typically defined by inappropriate lyrics…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 2, 2019