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wedding objectionCeremony

“Does anyone present object to this marriage?”

There’s an uncomfortable spot in a wedding ceremony when the officiant may say something like this: “Therefore, if anyone can show just cause why they may not be lawfully joined together, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Gulp. Everyone holds their breath to see if a wedding…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 29, 2024
bad wedding vowCeremony

The wedding vow from hell

Your life pivots on your wedding vows. Nothing is (or should) be the same thereafter. It is THE moment in your life which calls for reverence, since marriage symbolizes the instant two lives become one. Nothing destroys the essence of a wedding ceremony faster than a bad wedding vow. Almost…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 26, 2023
Mozart wedding musicCeremony

Mozart wedding music

Even hardcore rap music fans have heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In a shockingly brief career, he wrote some of the most majestic music of all time. Even today, Mozart wedding music is requested for wedding ceremonies. 2nd greatest composer of all time? Classic FM ranks Mozart as the #2…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 6, 2023
majestic wedding entrance songsCeremony

Ten majestic wedding entrance songs

Marriage is the ultimate institution, the central focus of the human experience for more than three millennia. That’s why most couples desire a majestic wedding entrance song to announce the start of their ceremony. They want to make an opening statement that is lofty, dignified, grand. That’s why classical or…
Columbus Pro DJs
September 18, 2023
secular weddingsCeremony

Music for secular weddings

Secular weddings are becoming more popular. According to the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), 22% of young adults are raised without religious influence in the home. Although religious elements were included in 60% of wedding ceremonies of Americans older than sixty-five, the number drops to just 36 percent for younger persons.…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 15, 2022
Star Wars weddingCeremony

Ready for a Star Wars wedding?

You know, one of the greatest composers of movie scores ever is John Williams. As I’ve listened to his music over the years, it hit me that the music from Star Wars alone would work beautifully in a wedding ceremony, which leads to the theme of today’s blog: ever thought…
Columbus Pro DJs
April 18, 2022
wedding audio expertCeremony

You need a wedding audio expert at your wedding

Sound can make or break your entire wedding day. It’s not a sexy topic. But if people can’t hear your wedding vows or the best man’s toast, your event is diminished. That’s why you need a wedding audio expert. We can recommend one: us That’s right, Columbus Pro DJs is…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 17, 2022
secular hymnsCeremony

Secular hymns for secular weddings

There is a unique type of song in a genre all its own, called secular hymns, that might work in wedding ceremonies for non-religious couples. There’s a demand for these songs, because Generation Z and Millennials are more secular than their parents. They are less likely to affiliate with an…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 10, 2022
Princess Di’s weddingCeremony

The difference between Princess Di’s wedding and yours Princess Diana is back in the news, even though she died more than two decades ago. Netflix created a wildly popular series called “The Crown,” and Princess Di’s wedding to Prince Charles is one of the plot lines in season four. Let’s face it, Princess Diana has hardly ever…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 8, 2021
history of wedding vowsCeremony

The history of wedding vows The history of wedding vows for English speaking countries have origins in medieval times. You’ve most likely heard this vintage vow from the Anglican church: “I take you, to be by , to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 16, 2021