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Ready for a Star Wars wedding?

By April 18, 2022Ceremony

You know, one of the greatest composers of movie scores ever is John Williams. As I’ve listened to his music over the years, it hit me that the music from Star Wars alone would work beautifully in a wedding ceremony, which leads to the theme of today’s blog: ever thought about a Star Wars wedding?

The Imperial March Theme

Think about it: the Imperial March theme would work perfectly for the groom’s entrance. This is rugged, masculine music. Perfect!

Main Star Wars Theme

For the bridal party entrance, how about the Star Wars Main Theme? This is majestic music! The opening fanfare alone gets hearts racing in anticipation of a regal affair fit for royalty!

Princess Leia’s Theme

Now for the bride’s entrance, we need music more ethereal, feminine, and simply more lovely. How about Princess Leia’s theme? Perfect:

Okay, we’re ready for the dramatic recessional song. This is the one where the officiant proclaims: “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. John Smith!” which sets the stage for triumphant music that propels the happy couple down the aisle to their waiting chariot. (You get the idea!)

A New Hope Ending Theme

Felix Mendelssohn’s classic “Wedding March” from his 1842 production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” has been the go-to march song for contemporary couples. However, if you’re itching for a Star Wars Wedding, listen to the “New Hope Ending Theme:”

Wow! The opening 18 second fanfare is a direct challenge to Mr. Mendelssohn’s opening fanfare. Clearly, John Williams was inspired by Mendelssohn. Many think he surpasses the master with this awesome piece of music.

As the opening 18 seconds play, your officiant makes the marriage declaration above, timed to for you to swivel and make your grand exit to Williams’ exultant, hopeful music.

A Star Wars wedding!

If you had never heard of Star Wars, this is music many, many couples would embrace for its sheer impact. For some, the fact that it is identifiable with Star Wars is a deal-maker; for others, it’s a deal-killer.

The new classical music

Here’s the thing: movie sound tracks are the new classical music. They offer symphonic-based recordings with catchy, recognizable themes. Some couples hire a piano player to play them at their wedding ceremony, as we’ve written before.

But many couples demand more than a piano. They want the entire symphony orchestra! That’s where we come in. We are the affordable option for couples who want grand, symphonic music without paying for an entire orchestra.

Yes, you know Columbus Pro DJs as the go-to company for dance-floor-packing wedding reception entertainment, but don’t forget that we are available for your ceremony, too. We reinforce this great music with top-flight, professional equipment which exudes clear, controlled sound.

Whether a Star Wars Wedding is your thing or not, Columbus Pro DJs can play the customized playlist on your Columbus wedding day that ensures the ‘force’ is with you! Check our availability today without obligation.

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