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July 2018

DJ advantageEntertainment

Why 2 out of 3 brides prefer a DJ to a band The DJ advantage I’m like you:  I love music, and I love a good band. In fact, Columbus Pro DJs are friends with many top notch bands in the Columbus area.  Having said that, the Knot conducted a nationwide survey of some 18,000 brides and learned that 2 out…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 30, 2018
don't let a friend DJ your weddingEntertainment

How to ruin a friendship

Do you value your friendships? Whatever you do, don’t let a friend DJ your wedding. It’s a recipe for disaster, unless he or she is an experienced professional with at least 50 weddings under their belt. As regular readers of this blog know, entertainment makes the event. It is the…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 23, 2018
celebrity wedding crashersCulture

BEWARE celebrity wedding crashers!

If you are planning your wedding, you may want to put security arrangements in place to keep out celebrity wedding crashers. They are everywhere! The list is shockingly long. These celebrities crave the spotlight. They lurk in the wings ready to leap into the spotlight and deflect attention on to…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 16, 2018
best wedding moviesCulture

Best all time wedding movies Wedding movies are so fun. They unite an audience because everyone has wedding experience, either as an attendee or a participant. So when various antics, disasters, and human foibles are projected on the big screen, well, it can be delightfully entertaining. Columbus Pro DJs gets a big kick out of…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 9, 2018
Photo Booth wedding funPhoto Booth

Why Photo Booth is perfect for weddings

There are two types of wedding receptions in Columbus:  regular ones and Photo Booth ones.  Photo Booth wedding fun always transforms a reception from a regular affair into something very special. As a DJ company that specializes in wedding receptions, we marvel at the almost magical pull Photo Booth has…
Columbus Pro DJs
July 2, 2018