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December 2022

last-minute weddingWedding planning

The Advantage of a Last-Minute Wedding

Conventional wisdom states that couples should begin planning their weddings at least a year in advance of their wedding date. It makes good sense, and most people reading this blogpost should abide by it. But there IS a case for a last-minute wedding. Readers of this blog notice that we…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 26, 2022
Kids wedding policyWedding planning

How to handle kids at your wedding

It’s going to be an issue at your wedding: do you allow children to attend … or not? The key is to establish a consistent kids wedding policy on the front end of your planning process. You have four clear options: OPTION #1 Anything goes. Let the little children come!…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 19, 2022
wedding blackout datesWedding planning

Don’t schedule your wedding on this day

Wedding planning begins with locking in a date. Be sure to avoid wedding blackout dates, you know, those dates where conflicts may affect who can attend. For example, it might not be a good idea to plan your wedding on Super Sunday. The Super Bowl is the highest rated television…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 12, 2022
Loretta Lynn love songsDance

Top Loretta Lynn love songs for weddings

Country music legend, Loretta Lynn, died in October at the age of 90. She leaves behind a rich country music legacy and an impressive library of great songs. Most aren’t ideal as a first dance song, but there are some gems. Let’s take a look at top Loretta Lynn love…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 5, 2022