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You need a wedding audio expert at your wedding

By January 17, 2022Ceremony

wedding audio expertSound can make or break your entire wedding day. It’s not a sexy topic. But if people can’t hear your wedding vows or the best man’s toast, your event is diminished. That’s why you need a wedding audio expert.

We can recommend one: us

That’s right, Columbus Pro DJs is more than the go-to wedding entertainment company in Columbus. We know how to provide clear, controlled sound, whether it’s dance-floor packing music or your dad’s toast.

Our audio expertise begins with an insider’s knowledge of the acoustical challenges of the major wedding venues in the area. For example, some venues have low ceilings, which present some vexing audio challenges.

Beware a ‘sound loop’

As a DJ or band pumps out music from their speakers, it bounces off the ceiling and down onto your guests, who compensate by talking louder. The result is a ‘sound loop.’ It can quickly spiral out of control as the room becomes increasingly loud.

By contrast, other venues with high ceilings, expansive halls, and cushy furnishings soak up sound and make it difficult to find the ‘sweet spot’ if you don’t have a wedding audio expert managing the set up.

Some venues with hard wall surfaces of glass, brick and stones cause sound to bounce off and reverberate. This creates a distorting echo effect. Wedding vows, toasts, and announcements sound like mush to your guests, especially older ones whose hearing acuity is diminished.

Outdoor events present unique audio challenges

Outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions are particularly challenging, setting aside issues involved with the elements. Outdoor noises will compete with your vows, and even music during the reception. Sometimes, electricity isn’t conveniently located, necessitating the use of long cables to power up amps, speakers, and mics.

The good news, all of these challenges aren’t deal killers IF you have a wedding audio expert on your team, someone like Columbus Pro DJs.

We are wedding audio experts

We are more than the most experienced wedding DJs around, we have the know-how and cutting edge equipment to maximize the sound quality of your special day. Columbus Pro DJs can advise you of the audio strengths and weaknesses of venues you’re considering so you can make an informed decision. Simply give us a call at 614-224-1945 for our input.

So here’s the bottom line: Columbus Pro DJs is the practical choice for your wedding celebration. We provide the audio expertise that can make or break your event. But we’re also the glamorous choice, because we know how to pack dance floors and show your guests the time of their lives! Check on our availability today. Let’s start a conversation.