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Your venue location matters

venue locationDon’t let emotion overtake practical thinking as you consider where to host your wedding reception. Let’s face it, location matters to your guests.

Consider these questions:

Do you have many people traveling to town for your wedding? If yes, they’ll appreciate a venue location close to local hotel accommodations, and maybe even the airport.

You walk a fine line. Understandably, you want wedding dreams realized, and the right venue is not always easy to find. On the other hand, you want your guests to have a good experience. They appreciate convenience. So your job is to balance two competing interests: yours … and theirs.

Is your venue location safe? Consider the area through which your guests will walk from where they park to your venue. Is it a good neighborhood? Is it well lit? Some urban locations offer a cool venue in a somewhat dicey locale’. Something to inquire about when you’re checking out venues.

Is a venue conveniently located to parking? Again, some downtown venues may not have their own parking, but rely on parking garages or street parking. Check it out.

Is your venue private? Some locations, especially those offering outdoor receptions, may not be particularly private. Are you okay with this? Best to ask in advance. By the same token, inquire if a venue has more than one event going on at a time, and if yes, how much separation will you have between competing events.

Every couple seeks out a venue location with a style that matches their personal taste and budget. That’s fine. But do remember that your venue location matters. So does your entertainment. Check out Columbus Pro DJs for dance-floor packing wedding entertainment.