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Is a wedding worth the money?

By December 27, 2021Budget

Is a wedding worth the money?The average price of a wedding ranges from $17,216 in Alabama to $37,827 in Hawaii ($17,899 in Ohio). That’s a chunk of change! It raises the question: is a wedding worth the money?

The answer is YES … and no

Let’s face it, we live to celebrate. Celebrations define our human condition. We need celebrations to bring meaning to our lives. We celebrate birthdays to remind us of the value of each of us.

We celebrate wedding anniversaries to not only honor the union of two lives lived as one, but to encourage the rest of us to emulate the example set by good marriages.

We celebrate Thanksgiving as an act of gratitude for our bounty.

We celebrate Christmas to recognize the birth of the Child Jesus who came to save us.

Think about how much of our lives are spent working and sleeping. Life takes on additional meaning when we take a break from our toils to embrace achievement, milestones, and sacred dates with our families and friends. Nothing rejuvenates us like a good celebration!

Celebrations bring us joy

Even more, celebratory gatherings bring us joy, as the entire concept of a celebration is predicated upon sharing good things with each other. Ultimately, true happiness is all about giving, not taking, and celebrations are a collective act of giving.

Perhaps the ultimate act of celebration is the union of two lives as one: a wedding. Weddings make communities better because they recognize  that a marriage is built upon trust, self-giving, stability, and commitment, qualities that positively affect us all.

If you won’t celebrate a wedding, then you are depriving yourself of one of the great joys of living.

So is a wedding worth the money? Absolutely yes. But let’s qualify this response. You need to live within your budget. Don’t overspend. Focus on the elements surveys repeatedly tell us couples value the most: the memories and the fun.

Don’t lay down deposits with wedding vendors if you’re not certain about this whole marriage thing. Marriage is a commitment. Don’t commit to a vendor if you’re not sure you can commit to your partner.

But when you are ready to commit, Columbus Pro DJs will commit all of our talent and professional experience to ensuring your wedding is worth the money! Here’s a simple way to start: check to see if we’re available.