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You need three plans for your wedding

wedding plansColumbus Pro DJs often writes about wedding planning in our blogs. If you’ve been following our blogs, you can see that you actually need not one, not two, but three wedding plans.

Here’s the interesting thing about this: Three small wedding plans are actually easier for you to deal with and implement than one sprawling plan. Stick with us.

Wedding plan #1

Your first wedding plan is your budget plan. You need to get a handle on your personal finances and wedding budget. And it’s easier than ever with some easy to use budget apps, about which we’ve blogged before. These apps include:





You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Wedding Plan #2

Your second wedding plan is a wedding vendor logistics plan. Who are your vendors going to be? Who is going to do what when? You can always work with a good wedding planner who can help you navigate the new, post-Covid landscape, which we always think is a good idea. Or you can find find some good planning guides online to organize and facilitate your own efforts.

Wedding Plan #3

You need an entertainment wedding plan. This is a big deal, because entertainment makes the event. It always has. It always will. As you know, a professional wedding entertainment company like ours saves you thousands over a live band. What you may not know is we offer far more than just music.

Don’t get us wrong. Good music played on controlled, clear professional grade equipment matters a lot. But so does our MCing. Not only do we know how wedding receptions run, we help coordinate your other vendors so we’re all working together as a team to make your event come up without a hitch. Announcements are made at the right time with professional flair.

And for good measure, we offer our own entertainment wedding planning tools, which we make available to our clients online. Planning your entertainment is easy, fun, and stress-free.

Don’t forget: we also offer photo booth and decor lighting to make your entire entertainment experience totally customizable and memorable.

Check us out to see if we’re available. Then start planning the happiest day of your life!