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Is an AI wedding in your future?

AI weddingArtificial Intelligence, better known as AI, is a real thing these days. And it looks like it has spread to the wedding world. Fox Business reported that Zola is offering AI wedding planning.

As this blog has pointed out before, wedding planning typically involves over a thousand decisions, all wrapped around who/what/where … and how much? Decision-making can create stress, especially when it comes to dividing up the planning load.

If one half of a couple feels they’re handling an unfair load of all the decisions, she/he may feel resentful. That’s why Zola developed the “Split The Decisions” AI wedding tool. Through info gleaned from a questionnaire you complete, the AI tool will help you divide up tasks based on your respective skill sets.

Victoria Vaynberg, Zola’s marketing director, explained the tool’s genesis:

“Our 2024 First Look Report found that the No. 1 surprise about wedding planning is the sheer number of decisions they must make. The No. 1 societal expectation that they want to see change is the stereotypical assumption that one person will take on the majority of wedding-planning responsibilities. It’s a rewarding experience to know that this tool is something that is directly solving a pain point for so many couples.”

We don’t know if AI wedding planning tools are a good thing or not. We do know that Columbus Pro DJs offers easy-to-use tools to make the process of planning your wedding entertainment a snap. It’s available for free for our clients. Check us out.

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