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Pros and cons of backyard weddings

By September 26, 2022Wedding planning

backyard weddingWeddings have exploded. In the aftermath of the pandemic, couples are scrambling to find venues for their big day. Many impatient couples don’t want to wait eighteen months until the venue of their choice opens up. That’s why a growing number consider backyard weddings.

Pros and Cons

  1. Availability. Backyard weddings are much easier to schedule, whether if it’s your backyard, your parent’s, or a friend’s. Other than working around the winter season, you enjoy more scheduling flexibility than you would with a hotel, winery, or other in-demand venues.
  2. Intimacy. A home is warm and inviting. Guests feel comfortable in home settings. And since guests lists will by necessity be smaller in a typical backyard than a typical wedding venue, your guests can bond much better than in a more impersonal expansive hall.
  3. Economy. Since guest lists tend to be smaller with backyard weddings, you’ll save quite a bit of money over typical events in mainstream wedding venues. Some of those savings may be eaten up by the logistics of pulling off a nice backyard wedding, but not all.
  4. Logistical considerations. There a lot of details with which you’ll have to deal, beginning with permits. Are you in a homeowner’s association? Check your bylaws to see if an event of this nature is permitted. By the same token, check with city ordinances to see if you need to obtain a permit. Check for noise and parking ordinances, because your guests could monopolize street parking on your big day.
  5. Neighbors. You’re smart to alert neighbors in advance of your event. For starters, you don’t want them running a lawnmower in the middle of your event! Invite them if your relationship is friendly. You don’t want anyone calling the cops on you, so tread carefully. Perhaps a small gift for your surrounding neighbors would be a nice touch. And if your backyard wedding is in the evening, don’t run it too late.
  6. Be insured. Make sure your liability insurance is sufficient. Consider wedding insurance.
  7. Rentals. Depending on the size of your yard and guest list, you’ll probably need to rent quite a few items, including: tents, tables, chairs, table linens, plates, glassware, and cutlery. Many rental companies provide good planning advice. But you really should consider utilizing the services of a wedding planner. You’re saving money with a smaller guest list, which frees up funds for a wedding planner. You’ll be glad you did.
  8. Power. Avoid the likelihood of blowing fuses all night long. You’re going to need extra power, so plan on renting a generator. Your caterer, DJ, and lighting decorator are all going to place demands on our power load. Be prepared. By the same token, be aware that generators can be noisy, so look for a discreet location on your grounds that offers a sound buffer between generator and guests.
  9. Entertainment. Outdoor neighborhood noises are significant. You absolutely need professional wedding entertainment. We have the high-end equipment that allows the music to rise above and cut through ambient neighborhood noise without blasting out neighbors’ windows! And we offer lighting that transforms a backyard wedding into an evening of magic.

Is it worth it?

Backyard weddings aren’t for everyone. But for couples unwilling to endure ridiculously long waits to snare an elusive wedding venue, maybe it’s a fit.

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