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Top Neil Diamond wedding songs

By September 19, 2022Dance

Neil Diamond’s illustrious career as a singer/songwriter came to an end with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. But he leaves behind a rich legacy of songs that is nothing short of staggering. If you’re contemplating your first dance song, be sure to consider Neil Diamond wedding songs.

Diamond’s resumé is impressive:

  • Ten # 1 singles.
  • 38 top ten songs
  • 130 million records sold
  • Inducted into the Songwriters hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Sweet Caroline

His smash hit, “Sweet Caroline,” put him on the map to stay in 1969. So if your name is ‘Caroline’, that might not be a bad song for your first dance! However, that leaves the rest of our readers out in the cold. Rest assured, Diamond offers many more first dance song options.

The Art of Love

The Art of Love isn’t as well known as other Diamond hits, but it’s perfect for a first dance song. Released in 2014, the lyrics hit the sweet spot love songs seek:

“The truth was clear,

love’s not a place you go to find,

it lives in here,

just leave it space, give it time.”

I Believe in Happy Endings

This is such a sweet, uplifting melody linked to the kind of lyrics love is all about:

“I believe in happy endings

You’re the reason, love’s the way

And I’ll believe it till my dying day.”


This is an interesting pick. “America” was written by Diamond for “The Jazz Singer,” in which he starred. But so many weddings take place in America between immigrants who came to this land to chase their dreams. Did you come to America? Then these lyrics speak to your experience:

“Everywhere around the world,

They’re coming to America.

Ev’ry time that flag’s unfurled,

They’re coming to America.

Got a dream to take them there.

They’re coming to America.

Got a dream they’ve come to share,

They’re coming to America.”

This a great song to jumpstart the dance floor!

One Good Love

Neil Diamond isn’t just a great performer, he composes well-crafted songs that endure the test of time. They are a goldmine for couples planning wedding entertainment, like this song, “One Good Love,” which he performs with Waylon Jennings:

“One good love can turn it all around,

Take hold of a restless heart

And lead it back to solid ground.

One good love can take you to the light,

With just one touch you can forget

A thousand empty nights.”

We’ve barely scratched the surface. You get the idea. Neil Diamond has written a portfolio of timeless songs in a variety of genres. Columbus Pro DJs will play these songs at your reception on hi-tech equipment which bathes your venue in clear, controlled, and simply beautiful sound.

We offer add-ons to enrich the fun, including decor lighting and photo booth. Check on our availability today.

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