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Outdoor weddings gain in popularity

tented weddingThanks to the pandemic, outdoor weddings are more popular than ever. The Wedding Wire surveyed 7000 couples to quantify the tremendous boost enjoyed by outdoor wedding venues.

Outdoor ceremonies increased by 11% over 2019; outdoor wedding receptions soared by 16%. In all, 60% of receptions were either fully or partially outside, according to Wedding Wire, when compared to just 43% in 2019.

The top types of outdoor venues include:

  1. Home
  2. Barns/Farms
  3. Banquet Halls
  4. Country Clubs
  5. Historical Buildings/Homes

Outdoor venues have tremendous advantages in terms of safety during a pandemic. We don’t expect their popularity to decline any time soon.

We’ve written about the obvious downsides of outdoor wedding ceremonies before, namely, the uncertainty of the weather. Although we can’t control the weather, we can control another dicey element of outdoor events: the sound.

Mother Nature isn’t always cooperative!

Outdoor events are noisy. Mother Nature is not always cooperative, and her birds and bugs and breezes can kick off more background noise than you realize.

You need more than ‘loud’ sound reinforcement, you need ‘clear’ sound reinforcement, and that’s what we provide: clear, controlled volume to rise above Mother Nature without blasting out your guests’ eardrums! Let’s face it, there’s a difference between off-the-shelf PA electronics from a big box store and the professional-caliber systems we provide. No comparison.

Sometimes, electricity isn’t conveniently located at outdoor events, necessitating the use of long cables to power up amps, speakers, and mics.

Columbus Pro DJs is up to these challenges to ensure your outdoor event comes off without a hitch. As outdoor weddings increase in popularity, so does the need for audio expertise. That’s what we offer along with a dance-floor packing DJ/MC! Popular dates book real fast for popular outdoor venues … and for us … so check on our availability today.

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