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The power of commitment

By October 31, 2022Culture

power of commitmentThe word ‘commitment’ means a pledge to do something in the future, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Even more, it’s a binding promise.  The power of commitment is self-evident in every type of human relationship.

Writing in the Huffington Post, marriage author, expert, and educator, Debra Macleod, sees the power of commitment when contrasting the relationships between married and unmarried couples.

She is a couples mediator,  95% of whose clientele are married. That stat speaks volumes, as Ms Macleod observes:

“That means that unmarried couples are either largely problem-free, which is highly unlikely, or that they are not as motivated as marrieds to invest the time, money, or energy it takes to move past problems.”

In particular, she noticed that unmarried men are less motivated to do the tough work of maintaining healthy relationships than their married peers. Says Macleod …

Research also shows that the legal commitment of marriage results in higher levels of happiness and better emotional, mental and physical health for both partners. So not only are married people more likely to stay together and raise their children together, they are also more likely to be happy and healthy in life.”

Marriage is all about the power of commitment. When you know you can count on someone, life is just plain better by any metric, whether emotionally, spiritually, or financially.

Research shows that married people are:

  • happier
  • less stressed
  • less depressed
  • more stable
  • healthier
  • sleep better
  • live longer
  • richer

According the website, Paired Life:

“By retirement, the average married couple has accumulated about $410,000 worth of assets, while those that never marry accumulate about $167,000. Divorced people average $154,000 accumulated assets at retirement.”

Some sneer that marriage is nothing but “a piece of paper.” But Ms. Macleod asserts that there is power in that ‘piece of paper’:

“For many people, there is a difference between “my husband” or “my wife” and “my boyfriend” or “my girlfriend.” That difference is based in the level of commitment that “piece of paper” conveys.”

Are you convinced at the power of commitment? Many reading this blogpost are either engaged or considering marriage. We hope you find the research on marriage a validation of your commitment.

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The power of commitment is just as important to us as you.

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