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Pitfalls of an outdoor wedding

By February 17, 2020Ceremony

outdoor weddingWho doesn’t love an outdoor wedding? There was the one that took place on the banks of the Potomac River, not far from where George Washington once lived. The look of the wedding was magical.

And then there was the one in a red wood forest not far from San Jose. The magnificence of the setting was almost cathedral-like! Yes, who doesn’t love an outdoor wedding?

Perhaps the guests! The beautiful wedding on the Potomac was 95 degrees. There was no shade. The humidity was high enough to wilt a blushing bride’s coiffure faster than you can say “I do!” Did I mention the bugs?

Who doesn’t love an outdoor wedding?

Perhaps the bridesmaids! A lovely bridesmaid in her very high heals just couldn’t navigate the uneven terrain at the redwood forest wedding and took a nasty spill. But, boy those trees were beautiful!

Okay, perhaps I’m being overly hard on outdoor weddings. But I’m a DJ and I’ve seen all of the pros and cons of outdoor weddings on full display over the years.

Outdoor weddings can be spectacular

I do admit that some settings are breathtaking, and when everything goes perfectly, they are truly memorable affairs.

There’s a common weak link, though, when it comes to outdoor weddings: the sound. Guests can’t hear your spoken vows very well. If you have a nice string quartet, for example, the beauty of their music can be overwhelmed by the sounds of nature, whether it’s wind, waves, or whatever.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding ceremony here in the Columbus area, Columbus Pro DJs can easily shore up your sound with cutting edge equipment that makes your wedding ceremony easily heard by all guests. We’ll capture your ceremony music on sensitive mics that block out Mother Nature’s background sounds so you only hear the purity of the music.

Or if your budget is tight, we can provide any ceremony music you’d ever want to hear, played on the high end equipment that enhances any outdoor wedding ceremony. Check out our affordable package pricing for details.

And when the ceremony is done, we offer the dance floor packing entertainment services that transforms an ordinary wedding reception into a celebration for the ages.

Yes, outdoor weddings present challenges as well as opportunity. Whatever you decide is right for your wedding celebration, Columbus Pro DJs can make sure the sound is one less worry you have to deal with.