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How to look fantastic in wedding photographs

By February 10, 2020Photography

great wedding photographsEvery woman wants great wedding photographs. So what is it exactly that makes wedding photographs great? Let’s face it, it begins with you. If you think that you look great in your photos, chances are you’re going to love your wedding photographs all the more.

This doesn’t discount the ability of your wedding photographer, because good photographers know how to bring out the best in you. But there are some practical things you can work on to make your photographer’s job easier and to look fantastic in your wedding photographs.

Super model Tyra Banks offers some good tips:

  • Extend your neck (see above). Don’t be a “no-neck monster.” No one likes the “double chin” look.
  • Smile with your eyes.
  • Focus your gaze, even if you’re not staring directly into the camera. In other words avoid the aimless gaze which creates blandness. You want intensity!
  • Don’t slouch. Stand erect. Stiffen your spine!
  • Be yourself (as long as you’re not slouching!)
  • Practice your smile. With practice, you know the type of smile that flatters you most. Some prefer an open mouth, toothy smile. Others, a closed mouth smile.
  • Get your teeth whitened. The reason some don’t like open mouth smiles is their teeth. Whitening helps and gives you confidence.
  • Self-conscious? Work on poses where you’re looking away from the camera. If you do, remember the tip above: to focus your eyes on something in your view.
  • Slightly hold your chin up. According to Ms. Banks, it elongates the neck, de-emphasizes large foreheads, and simply flatters you.
  • Bend your knee. It accentuates your femininity, as you can see demonstrated by super model Alessandra Ambrosio (below):

great wedding photographs

  • Emphasize a shoulder. Simply turn your body to the side, but then turn your shoulders toward the camera. This approach narrows your hips in the photo.

These are simple tips that consistently produce great wedding photographs.

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