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How much should you tip wedding vendors?

wedding tipping protocolsMost couples aren’t familiar with wedding tipping protocols. Our experience is that practically everyone wants to do the right thing when it comes to showing gratitude for receiving good service. Today’s blogpost provides the guidelines they require.

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Let’s start with food, the biggest category. Caterers usually include the tip in their service fee. If not, tip 15 to 20%. In addition, tip servers $20 or more. For bartenders, tip in the 10 to 15% range for bar tabs.

Wedding planners: A tip is optional. But when service is exceptional, tip 10 to 20% plus another $50 to $100 for an assistant.

Officiant: $100 to $300

DJ: 15% of total bill.

Chauffeurs and transport: 15 to 20%

Florist and Bakers: tip not expected

Seamstress and tailor: tip not expected, but add $20 to $40 for exceptional service.

Ceremony musicians: They typically receive a stipend, which you can supplement in the $25 to $50 for exceptional service.

Budgets are always a concern for couples planning weddings. Be sure to take wedding tipping protocols into consideration to ensure mutual satisfaction between vendors and couples.

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