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Top honeymoon destinations in the U.S.

By September 11, 2023Honeymoons

Top honeymoon destinations in the U.S.Couples dream of a honeymoon that is a trip of a lifetime. Sometimes the size of the dream exceeds the size of the bank account. Don’t despair. You can still realize a trip that may end up being the trip of a lifetime by simply avoiding overseas airfares. Let’s take a look at top honeymoon destinations in the U.S.

Yes, Bora Bora, Venice and Ticino, Switzerland all sound enticing. But Travel and Leisure point out some incredible honeymoon destinations right here at home. Keep in mind, these spots are highly sought after destinations from honeymooners from South America, Europe, and Asia. They know the U.S of A. is a great place to visit. So save some money. Check out one of these top honeymoon destinations in the U.S.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Never been there? If not, when? Every American needs to experience the transcendent beauty of the Grand Canyon. What a way to start a marriage! Suppose you like to camp, but your spouse doesn’t. Try glamping. It’s the perfect compromise. Glamping is a fusion of glamour and camping. And the Grand Canyon offers such a resort, called Under Canvas Grand Canyon. Architectural Digest describes it:

“Guests don’t have to worry about packing much, because it comes with its own little shop, coffee on tap 24/7, and a restaurant that could rival any in New York or Los Angeles.”

The Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

A famous love song begins:

“Are the stars out tonight?

I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright,

‘cause I only have eyes for you, dear.”

If you’re a stargazer, you might want to check out Primland Resort’s The Lodge in Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Not only does it have luxury tree houses, cottages, fitness center, and golf course, it even has an observatory!

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Interested in total seclusion AND rock climbing? Then check out Castle Hot Springs. This sprawling resort limits itself to just 63 guests at a time, which offers you a ton of privacy. The property includes hot springs and a harnessed rock climbing adventure.

Napa Valley, California

This entire region was made for honeymooners. It is peppered with wineries and boutique hotel properties of all types, including opulent bungalows. Looking for a leisurely romantic getaway? Look no further than Napa Valley.

If your budget is limited, why spend a ton of money on international airfare when the good ol’ US of A offers so many stellar honeymoon destinations!

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