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Fun wedding stories

funny wedding storiesWeddings are solemn occasions. People are all dressed up. Couples make public vows. So in the midst of such dignified proceedings, sometimes things go a little wrong, creating some fun wedding stories.

Our advice when these things happen: keep your sense of humor. You will laugh at them someday, recounting the details in exaggerated terms as the decades slip by!

We found a very cute story on Ranker:

While she was waiting just inside the front doors of the church for the organ processional to begin, most of the bride’s extra long train was outside. (The front doors were fastened back in the “open” position on hooks.)

During the wait, a little neighborhood dog “made a bed” for himself and went soundly to sleep on her train.

No one noticed the dog sleeping on it until she was most of the way down the aisle approaching the altar.

Everyone thought it was cute – including the minister. So they let it stay, undisturbed. The little dog slept on the bride’s train until the end when the loud recessional on the church’s pipe organ awakened it.

The lesson: have an attendant hold the bride’s train to fend off drowsy pups looking for a comfortable nap spot.

There are more fun wedding stories. These come from BuzzFeed:

“My husband and I didn’t practice our first dance ahead of time. The dance was going pretty well until we tried to do a spin move, and he almost dislocated my shoulder. Our photographer caught a photo of our entire bridal party looking horrified. It makes me laugh every time I see it!”

Thank goodness the bride had a sense of humor. The lesson: practice your first dance ahead of time (and be sure to pick a great song!).

Here’s another …

“My husband and I had a big, beautiful church wedding, and I was very emotional during our vows. Our officiant asked my husband if he took me to be his wife, and he said, ‘I do.’ When the officiant asked me, I forgot my lines, and there was an entire minute of silence before I gasped and said, ‘Oh me! I do!’”

The lesson: keep cue cards handy to take the pressure off yourself in case your mind goes blank during such an emotional and beautiful moment.

The Huffington Post offers this funny story from Chicagoland:

“When you have your wedding on city park district property you never know what’s going to happen. That is especially true of Chicago’s lakefront on a warm summer Saturday. One time, we had a streaker running through our cocktail hour, buck naked with five Chicago police officers trying to chase him down. The chase finally ended with the streaker being tackled to the ground by aforementioned cops and being tased multiple times before being cuffed and dragged to the back of a police car. The bride and groom luckily thought it was hilarious and joked to their guests ‘Welcome to Chicago! Too bad we spent all that money on cocktail entertainment ― we had no idea it would be provided to us compliments of the Chicago Police Department!’”― Lori Stephenson of LOLA Event Productions in Chicago

Yes, sometimes things happen at wedding celebrations, and if your event creates its own set of fun wedding stories, roll with the punches and enjoy a good laugh.

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