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your music styleDance

Can’t take that song off of you

Columbus Pro DJs plays your first dance song according to your music style. With some couples, style trumps the song itself. The Knot compiled a nice list of first dance songs, and a few overlapped with our list, including the timeless classic, “Can’t take my eyes off of you.” The song…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 28, 2019
first dance etiquetteDance

First dance etiquette for modern brides

First dance etiquette for weddings is timeless. We live in an era where some couples go to great lengths to choreograph high energy productions for their first dance. YouTube is full of them, like the one below: Let’s face it, this approach isn’t for everyone. Here’s the good news:…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 10, 2018
favorite first dance songsDance

Your first dance song done exactly the way you want it

What are the favorite first dance songs? Our blog presented ten of the best a while back, but we also recommend the Knot’s great list, complete with 50 wonderful songs you’ll hear at weddings coast to coast. We’ve made an interesting observation of these songs. The older and the better…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 5, 2018
no limits entertainmentDance

“No mistakes in the Tango, Donna, not like life”

Welcome to the world of 'no limits entertainment!' This is a classic scene from “The Scent of a Woman.” Al Pacino’s character is blind. That doesn’t stop him from dazzling a young woman on the dance floor with a tango. She voices her concerns about making a mistake, which prompts…
Columbus Pro DJs
September 24, 2018
packed dance floorsDanceLighting

How much interaction do you want?

What single factor will determine the success of your Columbus wedding? Packed dance floors. If you’re like the typical bridal couple, success is defined by the dance floor.  If it is empty, the wedding is considered a failure, but if it is packed, it is considered a success. According to…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 19, 2018
top ten songs for your first danceDance

Top ten classic songs for your first dance

Two singular moments define your Columbus wedding day:  your vows and your first dance. Here's our top ten songs for your first dance. Your first dance is a magical moment in your life.  You’ll never forget it.  The song you select for us to play should be personal, meaningful, and…
Columbus Pro DJs
March 5, 2018