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Top love songs of the 21st centuryDance

Top love songs of the 21st century

This is a wedding blog. Love songs play an important role in the overall scheme of wedding entertainment, especially when it comes to the first dance.  Interestingly, Billboard Magazine said fewer love songs are being written these days when compared to pop songs of the 20th century. This should concern…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 11, 2023
Caretaker WillieCelebrity wedding

News break: Another celebrity wedding! The latest celebrity to get married is … wait for it … Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons! The Simpsons, of course, is the long running animated sitcom that has relished poking fun at American culture. In the new season, longtime recurring character, groundskeeper Willie vanishes, causing his friend, Homer…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 4, 2023
the problem with destination weddingsWedding planning

The problem with destination weddings What’s the problem with destination weddings? Listen to Larry David’s funny response in the video above. Larry won’t go to any wedding where you have to get on a plane. Let’s face it, a lot of people hate flying. And plane fares for a family get pricey fast. And…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 27, 2023
Wedding crasherCulture

How to be a wedding crasher It’s hard to believe the movie The Wedding Crashers came out nearly twenty years ago. Its humor still holds up. We will warn you that the movie gets raunchy at times. It’s not for everyone. And yet the entire premise is hysterical, making many wonder, is being a wedding…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 20, 2023
Bad wedding songsDance

Name a song you don’t play at a wedding

This blog focuses on great music for wedding ceremonies and receptions. However, we saw a very funny thread on X (formerly Twitter) that asked readers to name bad wedding songs. You’ll crack up at some of the songs readers came up with. Some bad wedding songs are obvious because of…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 13, 2023
Mozart wedding musicCeremony

Mozart wedding music

Even hardcore rap music fans have heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In a shockingly brief career, he wrote some of the most majestic music of all time. Even today, Mozart wedding music is requested for wedding ceremonies. 2nd greatest composer of all time? Classic FM ranks Mozart as the #2…
Columbus Pro DJs
November 6, 2023
fundamentals of wedding planningWedding planning

The fundamentals of wedding planning

Many couples planning their Columbus wedding start in the wrong place in the planning process. Although typical weddings involve over one-thousand decisions, you should focus on the four key fundamentals of wedding planning. Budget For starters, create a budget. Too many couples nail down a venue before they even know…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 30, 2023
celebrity wedding toastToasting

What you can learn from a celebrity wedding toast

The movies provide a font of material for future wedding toasters. Movie toasts are often cheesy, but occasionally brilliant. When you watch a celebrity wedding toast on the silver screen, pay attention to how the toast is delivered.  A great delivery helps overcome cheesy content. But when you couple great…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 23, 2023
top Drake wedding songDance

Drake and Elton

It’s tough to come up with the top Drake wedding song, because his lyrics are typically profane. Ask us about clean edits. Drake is a big deal. Since his debut 13 years ago, the Canadian rapper has been Spotify’s most-streamed artist. Critics suggest his success lies in his more “relatable”…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 16, 2023
celebrity wedding crashersCelebrity wedding

Tis the season for celebrity wedding crashers

Celebrity wedding crashers are everywhere. The question is: would you like to have one crash your affair? There are pros and cons, you know. For example, Will Smith and James Corden take a break from a segment of Carpool Karaoke to crash this wedding: You can see the con:…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 9, 2023