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Wedding planning

Columbus Photo Booth CompanyWedding planning

The wedding one-two punch that never fails

We continue to scour the national wedding scene for trends. The big trend is to be different. Many couples, especially on the coasts, seek out increasingly exotic ways to entertain their guests. The latest ideas include Fire Shows and Live Wedding Painting. Columbus Pro DJs presents the wedding one-two punch…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 10, 2022
wedding non-trendWedding planning

The wedding non-trend

Bridgerton weddings are a thing It’s really fun to read the bridal magazines about the latest wedding trends. Bet you’ve never seen one on the ‘wedding non-trend!’ More on it shortly. The Wedding Forward website points out that “Bridgerton-inspired weddings” are going to be a thing. Did you watch Bridgerton…
Columbus Pro DJs
October 3, 2022
backyard weddingWedding planning

Pros and cons of backyard weddings

Weddings have exploded. In the aftermath of the pandemic, couples are scrambling to find venues for their big day. Many impatient couples don’t want to wait eighteen months until the venue of their choice opens up. That’s why a growing number consider backyard weddings. Pros and Cons Availability. Backyard weddings…
Columbus Pro DJs
September 26, 2022
wedding plansWedding planning

You need three plans for your wedding

Columbus Pro DJs often writes about wedding planning in our blogs. If you’ve been following our blogs, you can see that you actually need not one, not two, but three wedding plans. Here’s the interesting thing about this: Three small wedding plans are actually easier for you to deal with…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 8, 2022
wedding planning todayWedding planning

How COVID changed wedding planning today

Covid isn’t the issue today that it was in 2020 when weddings were so impacted. Wedding planning today has been impacted in an entirely different way as couples make up for lost time.  There’s a wedding boom taking place that you need to plan for. Here are some tips: Plan…
Columbus Pro DJs
August 1, 2022
Elegant weddingWedding planning

The return of elegance

The post-pandemic wedding boom is ushering in a resurgence of the elegant wedding. After being cooped up for so long, couples really want their 2022 and 2023 wedding celebrations to be something special. Brides Magazine noticed the trend: “Black tie is back! After losing a whole year of parties, people…
Columbus Pro DJs
June 13, 2022
weddings return to normalWedding planning

Weddings return to normal

The COVID pandemic of 2020 disrupted wedding plans from coast-to-coast. The Knot’s 2021 Real Weddings Study revealed that weddings were returning to normal. According to The Knot: “… less than 5% of couples in 2021 had to push their reception to 2022 or beyond and only 1% canceled their reception…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 30, 2022
venue locationWedding planning

Your venue location matters

Don’t let emotion overtake practical thinking as you consider where to host your wedding reception. Let’s face it, location matters to your guests. Consider these questions: Do you have many people traveling to town for your wedding? If yes, they’ll appreciate a venue location close to local hotel accommodations, and…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 16, 2022
wedding logisticsWedding planning

Practical wedding logistics

Weddings have timelines, which we’ve written about before. A timeline is a schedule. But wedding schedules involve even more. They involve logistics, which is all about coordination. Here are a few wedding logistics considerations to keep in mind. Where will you get dressed? Does the ceremony location have a suitable…
Columbus Pro DJs
May 9, 2022