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under budget weddingBudget

The joy of an under budget wedding

Most brides and grooms are shell-shocked when all the bills come due from their wedding. Most spent far more than they budgeted. It doesn’t have to be that way. The joy of an under budget wedding can be yours. Columbus Pro DJs has worked with countless brides and grooms (and…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 25, 2019
beautiful wedding vowsCeremony

Beautiful wedding vows from literature

Beautiful wedding vows touch our very essence. They express the reality that mankind is wired to embrace commitment in relationships, bound together by love. Your marriage ceremony builds to the vows. Talk about drama. The rest of your life is defined by these few moments. That’s why the words you…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 18, 2019
upscale weddingsPhoto Booth

Does photo booth work for upscale weddings?

Here is a very practical question: is photo booth a good fit for your upscale wedding? The very practical answer is “absolutely yes!” Photo booth is PERFECT for upscale weddings, especially when you use Columbus Pro DJs' photo booth. Photo booth looks upscale For starters, our photo booth looks elegant and…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 9, 2019
wedding venue tipsWedding planning

Wedding venue tips

Super practical wedding venue tips to help your vision align with your reality Your wedding venue can make or break the quality of your wedding celebration in ways you may not realize. Having worked with wedding couples for so many years, we offer some super practical wedding venue tips to…
Columbus Pro DJs
February 4, 2019
your music styleDance

Can’t take that song off of you

Columbus Pro DJs plays your first dance song according to your music style. With some couples, style trumps the song itself. The Knot compiled a nice list of first dance songs, and a few overlapped with our list, including the timeless classic, “Can’t take my eyes off of you.” The song…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 28, 2019
mother-in-law adviceToasting

Future Mother-in-law advice

Mother-in-laws have been the butt of jokes down through the ages. Let’s face it, though, sometimes a mother can be kind of touchy when she marries off her son. You know how it can go, she views her new daughter-in-law as a rival for her son’s affections. It doesn’t have…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 21, 2019
bridezillaWedding planning

How to be a bridezilla: Part 2

Last week’s blogpost on the art and science of becoming a bridezilla was a big hit. We obviously struck a chord. Suggestions gushed in from bridezillas throughout the area on their secrets for becoming a world class bridezilla. The 'Extravagant Wedding Shower' technique A recent bride, we’ll call her Brandi,…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 14, 2019
bridezillaWedding planning

How to be a Bridezilla

Are you a woman who has aspired to be a bridezilla your entire life? In our quest to be a valuable resource to our readers, today’s blogpost reveals a step by step approach you can use to becoming the bridezilla you’ve always dreamed of being. 1. To begin, remember that…
Columbus Pro DJs
January 8, 2019
marriage is good for your heartCulture

Marriage is good for your heart

The case for marriage keeps getting stronger. New medical studies reveal that marriage is good for your heart, make that shockingly good for your heart. Doctors tell us we need to exercise, because it makes our heart stronger so we live longer. Now medical science reveals that love and marriage…
Columbus Pro DJs
December 31, 2018