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Cinema masterpieces perfect for your grand entrance

Grand entrance music is such an American tradition. Last week we barely touched on some cinema masterpieces for your consideration for your grand entrance. Let’s look at some other great movie theme songs.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

John Williams wrote so many immediately identifiable movie themes, and his Raiders of the Lost Ark is among the best. This is a fun, exciting piece of music that’ll put a smile on your guests when you make your grand entrance.


Hans Zimmer’s main theme for Gladiator isn’t fun, it’s pure drama. The emotional heft of symphony and chorus is majestic and would surely be a unique piece of music for your entrance.


John Williams wrote the main theme for the 1978 Superman movie starring Christopher Reeves. This is another fun, triumphant piece of music that will delight your guests when you make your grand entrance.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Michael Kamen wrote the soundtrack to this 1991 hit movie. It’ll make a great entrance song at your wedding reception!

Star Trek Voyager

Okay, this isn’t a cinematic masterpiece. It was a television series. But the main theme was composed by Jerry Goldsmith, who garnered more Academy Award nominations than any other composer. Including John Williams! And this piece of music IS a masterpiece! What a fun way to make your grand entrance.

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